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eDrone Project status - 2013.07.18

eDrone1 90x90.pngThis article reports the current state of eDrone Project, and news that await in the coming months.


Some numbers

On this date, eDrone Project has a total of 7,346 downloads, 59 ratings with an average of 3.5 stars and a total of 53.84€ in donations.


ARDrone v2

Many of you are asking me AR.Drone v2 support. At present, thanks to your feedback, I can confirm that eDrone Project can control an AR.Drone v2, but video reception is not working for now.

To-do list

The list of outstanding issues, including the following (ordered by priority):

  1. Video Support for eDrone v2.0
  2. Improve the sensitivity of the controls: Allow customization of controls, location, sensitivity, and redefinition of keys.
  3. Improve connectivity with the AR.Drone: Automatic switching networks and search drone unattended.
  4. Include social support: Discussion Boards, surveys, etc…

I would like to know your opinion. New proposals and assessment of these.


We are preparing an update that will be released in a few days, and will include the following:

  • Connectivity Enhancements: Fixed some bugs.
  • Customizing keyboard and touch control.
  • Reader news on eDrone Project
  • Real-time information on the campaign to support "AR.Drone v2"


Thanks for your time and support!

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