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Good news for eDrone Project

ARDrone v2 donated by Mr. Todd RawlingsMr. Todd Rawlings has worked with the project by donating an ARDrone v2, which allowed us to perform compatibility testing and flight. Thanks Todd!

Moreover, Dario Barciela, CEO of IBLabs, loan us a SurfaceRT to test compatibility and sensitivity settings.

In brief, send-certify a new version of eDrone Project with some interesting news, and other will be added shortly. The news that we plan to include in this release are:

  • Support for ARDrone v2 navigation and control, but no video at the moment. We are working on it, but it is a bit tricky. If someone with advanced knowledge in H264 wants to help, will be welcome.
  • Reader news about the project.
  • Collection of user data that support the project, in order to put them in the credits and provide the source code to the contributors concerned.
 Thanks for your time and support!

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