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Tips and tricks to flight ARDrone better with eDrone Project

Light 90x90.png​With the help of your feedback, we can improve eDrone Project.

Meanwhile, there’s some tips and tricks to flight ARDrone better with eDrone Project.


SurfaceRT with Windows 8.0

We have son reports about connection problems with SurfaceRT with Windows 8.0. If it is your case, please contact support to recover information about the problem. However, we has not detected this connection problems with SurfaceRT with Windows 8.1. We recommend to update SurfaceRT to Windows 8.1 as soon as you can.


Use Trim before Take off

Before take off, use “Trim” button: It recalibrates the internal navigation sensors of the ARDrone, as you see in the artificial horizont.


Retake control after crash

After a crash flight, the ARDrone can light his leds in red color. In this case use “Emergency” button and “Trim”. Repeat a few times until leds goes green.


Safe Tilt control

Tilt control get the tablet position at the time the “Tilt” button is clicked. Best to take off in normal mode, put the tablet on neutral position, and then press “Tilt” button. You can press “Tilt” button at any time to switch between normal and tilt mode.


Send us your Feedback

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Thanks for your support to the project!

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