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Download eTelnet for free, to support eDrone Project

I’m on a contest where if eTelnet has 100 downloads before Oct. 10 Microsoft send me a SurfaceRT.

Download eTelnet from Microsoft Store, it’s free, and it is all you have to do! No cost for you, after downloaded, you can uninstall if you don’t need/like.

You can see eTelnet complete details in his eTelnet product page and in Microsoft Store eTelnet page.

eTelnet is a simple and free to use Telnet client for Windows 8.

It has quick connect option for rapid connection, and an option to create a connection for later user.

eTelnet supports a subset of ASCII ANSI protocol that’s allow to connect to a wide variety of devices for configuration and text based BBS.

In addition, eTelnet can access to ARDrone SO.


Thanks for your support!

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