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eDrone Project status – 2013.11.08

SurfaceRT 90.pngThanks to your support I win the SurfaceRT with keyboard from Microsoft contest, thanks a lot!

With the SurfaceRT I’m working on improving this project, and a new version is near to be launched.

In this new version I will include:

  • Multi-movement support: Now only one movement at the same time.
  • An option to enter a promotional code for all people that has troubles with his participation level.
  • Windows 8.1 retargeted!
  • New version of source code available to Elite, Awesome, Crazy and Super-Crazy partners. This code is available now, request it via mail to
  • Beta version with tag detection (if I can get it works!). This option is only available to standard an upper partners.


In other way, eDrone Project has reached 10.800 downloads with 85 ratings and 3.5 stars.


Stay tuned, and thanks for your support!


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